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Accounting in Belgium

The Act provides a scheme for a minimum of preparation of the balance sheet and profit and loss account in Belgium. It must meet the reporting, which includes completeness, clarity, materiality, prudence, consistency. Should be able to assess the status of the company “with maximum reliability.”.
In addition to the general principles of accuracy of reporting, the International Accounting Standards (IAS) and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), there are no special rules for the consolidated financial statements.

In accounting services includes the following main activities:

  •  Preparation of primary documentation for business transactions;
  •  Preparation of policy and tax accounting and consulting services;
  •  Preparation of accounting registers;
  •  Accounting of all registers;
  •  Accounting of fixed assets;
  •  The recording of low-value inventory;
  •  Banking support;
  •  Cash transactions;
  •  Payroll and tax charges;
  •  Travel services form sheets;
  •  Calculation of all taxes, tax accounting;
  •  Preparation of financial statements (calculations, returns);
  •  Storage of accounting documents in the archives of the company;
  •  Advice and support to the Client on all matters of accounting and tax accounting business;
  •  Client reporting delivery and presentation of Client’s interests in tax authorities and other organizations;
  •  Compilation and submission of annual reports of the Customer;
  •  Provision of its territory for tax audits, tax office reception staff, creating conditions for their work