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Shelf companies

With operating company based in Netherlands, you will be able to always facilitate the conduct of dialogue with contractors, customers or companions, will increase price of any your services or immediately solve the problematic big issues that require early intervention.

One of our customers started production of a interesting new product. It took him a Dutch trademark and company specializing in “automotive engineering”, which age would be older than five years.
Customer bought a company, and after that we ordered a trademark in Amsterdam, bringing the customer the opportunity to supply.

It is worth noting that all firms have no arrears as receivables, payables. Employees not, exactly as debts to Finantstamom, and they, surely, do not lead cases in the 6 months. Firms are subject to careful check for the purpose of an exception of remarks and claims after acquisition of the company by new owners.

We with pleasure render and further succesful support of such firm, and also we always will prepare a package of documents for the conclusion of any contracts according to your requirements.